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The Plant Base AC Clear Cleanser and Moisturizer Review

March 13, 2020

Hi there! It’s a scorching summer morning here in Manila and you know what sweaty pandas worry about right? Correct! Excessive sebum production and pimples that unfortunately go hand in hand. I’m no exception so I want to be prepared as best as I can by using only the most hydrating products. Of course, my hydrating stash won’t be complete without Centella Asiatica, my Holy Grail ingredient! Huge thanks to for choosing me again as part of their “Try Me, Review Me” event and this time, they sent me a set from the brand The Plant Base. It’s my first time using this product and I’m so excited about it. The products look and feel so premium! I’m reviewing two from the set today so scroll down to know what I think of each!

The Plant Base AC Clear Magic Foam A1+ and Moisture Pure N Cream



PRICE: USD 14.60 / PHP 761.00


  • Specially formulated cleanser ideal for acne-prone skin
  • Is hypoallergenic and offers deep cleansing, completely removes blackheads and whiteheads
  • Free from the 17 harmful ingredients
AC Clear Magic Foam A1+ back details

Centella Asiatica Extract (44%), Mulberry Root, Swertia, Licorice Extract, Tea Tree Leaf Oil

Wash the face with lukewarm water, take a small amount of the foam and make lather. Gently massage all over the face and neck, rinse.

The packaging of the cleanser that was sent to me was different from the one in’s website. I assume I have the older version and though personally like the Mint Green one from their site. What caught my attention right away was that it contains 44% of Centella Asiatica Extract. It’s no secret that it’s my HG ingredient. If I could hoard all products with Centella Asiatica, I would. This came at the right time since I was breaking out last week due to my period. I immediately noticed the scent which has a mild tinge of Tea Tree but compared to most cleansers with Tea Tree, this one’s pretty gentle. That’s a good thing since I’m not really a fan of its scent. I was able to use this for more than a week and I can say it did keep my potential zits at bay. I normally break out bad during my period and fortunately, there were only 2 small bumps that showed up which also dried up the same day. I also liked that this cleanser wasn’t drying at all, instead it was very moisturizing.

Look at that creamy texture! A little goes a long way ;D

RATING: 4/5. Generally, I almost loved everything about this cleanser. Sadly, I probably won’t spend Php 700+ for a cleanser. It’s too steep for me. But if ever I have some extra bucks to spare or it goes on super sale, I’d reconsider.

AC Clear Moisture Pure N Cream in a frosted glass jar. Love the pastel color!


VOLUME: 75 grams

PRICE: USD 22.30 / PHP 1,162.00

Back details
Simple embossed design of the product’s cap similar to a tin can


  • Moisturizing cream suitable for acne and troubled skin
  • Effectively soothes and eases skin irritation and supplies moisture deep into your skin
  • Brightens skin while smoothing skin texture
  • Free from the 17 harmful ingredients

Centella Asiatica (76%), Tea Tree Oil, Adenosine, Niacinamide

USAGE:  I use this both day and night, as I would my regular moisturizer.

It comes with a protective lid too.
Look at the gorgeous texture!

This is another product that thrilled me upon seeing 76% of Centella Asiatica Extract. But not before I’ve noticed how beautiful the packaging is. It’s stored in a frosted Light Blue (or is it Mint Green lol) glass jar with a protective lid and a cap similar to a tin can. A glossy White and gel-like texture welcomes you upon removing the lid. It is very lightweight and my skin drinks in the product effortlessly. What I am unsure of though, is whether this was the culprit that gave me small cystic pimples around my nose. As I can recall, I stopped all my other products while testing this and the partner cleanser so it’s either of the two. I assumed it could be due to the Niacinamide component since my skin sometimes reacts to it.

Textures of both products side by side.
Both textures when spread.

RATING:  3/5. This is a very promising moisturizer. It’s lightweight, absorbs easily, very hydrating and has brightening effects. However, as mentioned above, I developed small zits in my nose area and assume this cream to be the one in charge of that. I’ll stopped using this for the time-being but will definitely re-try soon.

To conclude this review, my love for Centella Asiatica is a constant. Despite experiencing some mild breakouts from one of these products, I will give it another try in the future for sure. As for possible repurchase, maybe not. Both are way beyond my budget but I’ll always be grateful to have been given the opportunity to try and review these premium products fro The Plantbase and

Much Love,

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