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Texture Tuesday with Belfour Whitening Body Scrub

June 23, 2020

Happy Texture Tuesday everyone! For today’s texture shot, I’m sharing this beautiful, soft yellow sugary granules from a brand called Belfour. This is their White and Moisturizing Milk and Salt Body Scrub that I got from Watsons last year.

I remember when I opened this tub of salt scrub and the scent of lime with a tinge of something rather sweet conquered my senses. It was delightful to take a whiff . Not only that, look at that fine salty texture with the color of morning sunshine.

This has always been my go-to body scrub ever since and I’ve been looking forward to an enjoyable shower ever since I discovered this.

Apart from that, this was very affordable! For a volume of 300 grams, I bought this for less than a hundred Pesos! And it lasted me for such a long time, almost a year perhaps? Well that depends still on how frequent you use this. I scrub once a week so it lasted me a lifetime lol.

Take care everyone!

Much Love,

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