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#SparklesAndNarglesChallenge Year 2: Day 2

October 31, 2019

Day 2 : “Lumos Maxima” ; Brightening Products

I‘m assuming you all know what the spell Lumos Maxima is for but I’ll tell you anyway. It’s an incantation to produce an instant, blinding light from the tip of a wand to illuminate the surrounding area for a few minutes. 

While I have no magic wands nor spells to cast, I have my trusty stash of brightening products to help me achieve my dream glow 🥰 it’s not as immediate as the flick of a wand though 😅 So here are some of my go-to brightening items: 

My favorite skin brightening products!

These are all what I’m loving so far, I have several more unopened 😂 Let me clarify as well that “whitening” products in the Kbeauty community equates to brightening, which means glowy/dewy, even skintone, no PIH/PIE and not actual lightening of the skin. I’ve received some questions similar to this the last time I reviewed a “whitening” toner and they were very confused. On the other hand, I included the Jumiso AHA toner since it has since improved my PIH/PIE as well as the texture of my skin, thus giving me a holistic glow, jk.

I’m excited to see your picks and probably get some ideas to add into my highway long wishlist! 

Lumos Maxima!!! 😋✨✨✨

✨ Much Love,

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