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SKIN1004 Centella Watergel Sheet Ampoule Mask Review

September 4, 2020

Disclaimer: Product was gifted by brand but all opinions are entirely my own.


Skin1004 is a leading South Korean brand specializing in skincare products whose star ingredient is Centella Asiatica, more specifically, gathered from Madagascar – the untouched, clean nature. The brand has formally launched back in 2012.

This beloved brand boasts of formulating their products with nothing but natural raw materials that promise to deliver no less than purity and freshness to their consumers’ skin. This essentially reflects their devotion to clean nature by producing quality skincare products without the following:

NO Animal Testing
NO Artificial fragrance
NO Artificial color


WHAT IT IS: (obtained from Shopee desc.)
– Water gel sheet, full of ampoule containing Centella extract and fresh corn mint oil, that adheres to skin completely and swiftly calms sensitive skin.
– Plump gel sheet with 3x moisture content to deliver fluid (liquid or moisture) from the sheet completely for the whole moisturization of the inner skin.

PRICE: Currently sold at Php 702.00 (originally priced at PHP 1,240.00). This price is for a total of 5 packets of sheet masks.

VOLUME: 25 ML x 5 packets

NOTABLE INGREDIENTS: Centella Asiatica extract, corn mint oil, antipyretic solution

COMPLETE INGREDIENTS: (photo obtained from Jolse)


  • soothing and hydrating mask that contains 3x the amount of ampoule
  • delivers moisture from the sheet into the skin for thorough hydration
  • provides immediate improvement of skin condition by solving the lack of moisture

1. Use this after cleansing and toning your skin. Pat dry.
2. Apply the mask evenly on your entire face
3. Let it sit for about 10 to 20 minutes and gently massage the remaining ampoule/essence all over.


Firstly, the earthy/herbal aroma of Centella Asiatica filled my nostrils the moment I tore the packet open. Centella is my favorite ingredient so this doesn’t bother at all. The next thing I noticed was the adequate amount of essence inside the packet. Apart from the sheet mask itself being thoroughly soaked inside, you will still have enough inside the packet that you may opt to use for your neck and body.

With regard to the material of the mask, it has excellent adherence to my face. I kept on walking up and down stairs and the mask stayed put. Upon further research, I’ve gathered that the brand developed its very own special fabric made with fibers acquired from bamboo and processed through SKIN1004’s own technology.

After about twenty minutes, I removed the mask and I could tell that the fabric sort of dried out. Nevertheless, there was no sloppiness felt upon removing the mask despite the intense moisturization it gave me. Not only that, it has amazing calming effects that there was an instant reduction of redness on my T-zone area.

After using a couple of sheet masks, I am pleased to say that there was absolutely no negative reactions on my skin. It has left my skin plump and hydrated overnight until the following morning and I could definitely make out a noticeable glow too.

RATING: 4.5/5. To be perfectly honest, this is one of the best sheet masks I’ve ever tried. I’m obsessed with all kinds of masks, especially this type, but I truly prefer the ones made with a sturdy, thin material since it makes me feel the hydrating properties even more so. I believe thinner fabrics possess higher absorption power compared to the thicker ones. It feels wonderful on my skin, and while it does contain a bit of fragrance, it is very mild and even pleasant.

Because the star ingredient of the brand is Centella Asiatica, this product is quite suitable for those who are suffering from oily/sensitive/acne-prone skin/dry skin. Safe to say, it is perfect for all skin types!

I look like a toothless old lady here LMAO!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed using the masks. It definitely worked well with my hypersensitive skin, causing no irritation and just gives plenty of hydration.

Now, if you’re wondering what the less .5 score was for, it’s for the price. Because I am a stay-at-home wife, affordability of a product greatly affects my purchasing decisions and this one is on the more expensive side. While I would love to purchase more of these sheet masks, I am afraid that I will not be able to afford more anytime soon. It would be great to lower the price, also considering that some of the consumers who are into skincare are also students and homemakers such as myself.

REPURCHASE: YES but not anytime soon.

**You can purchase SKIN1004 products through their official Shopee store, click this link below: (It is directly operated by their Korean Headquarters). You may also check out their official Instagram account, just search for @skin1004philippines.

I hope this review can help you in case you’re looking for something perfect for sensitive/acne-prone skin. I highly recommend this one!

Take care everyone!

Much Love,

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