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RRKoreanShop Gift Unboxing

February 3, 2020

Hi everyone! I’m sharing with you today one of the loot boxes that I got last Skinluencers PH event, which you can read here. This particular box was gifted by RRkorean Shop which is one of the Philippine’s leading Korean skin care online stores. I was stunned by how many products they gave away, from skin care products to cosmetics plus some freebies like snacks and coffee. I’m super excited right now ’cause most of the products here are great for my oily skin and a potential addition to my anti-aging skin care routine. Come and unbox with me!

The first things that got my attention was the Illiyoon Ceramide soothing gel which is currently a favorite in the local Asian Beauty Community. Next one is the cushion, whose brand is not too familiar to me but I’ve been thinking of getting one for weeks!

Funny that I’ve ranted about running out of cleansers and now I’m drowning in so many cleansers right after the event. So thrilled to get a Pomegranate cleanser since it’s great for skin brightening and fading dark spots too. I also got these acne patch and sampler hair products from Nature Republic and Innisfree.

I’m not sure how RRkorean Shop seemed to have known my needs but I’ve been dying to get my hands on a new cushion for so long, and now I have one! Also, look at The Saem Eyestick! It’s the cutest plus the Tony Moly liptint too! I’m most intrigued about the Mediheal products though ’cause I can’t determine what they were. Guess I need to make a thorough research about these.

This next batch made my heart skip a beat! I’ve been eyeing Illiyoon ceramide products for several weeks already but since I’m a stingy fart like that, I never checked my cart out. Luckily, two of their items were included in the gift box and I’m beyond happy! I also loved that aside from the cushion, I also got this CC cream/foundation from Cha-Skin!

And the last batch was so unexpected but excited me nonetheless. SNACKS and CAFFEINE lol! I was able to try this Honey Almond snack recently as gifted by a friend, straight from Korea and I’ve been craving since! Also, these coffee and tea are already gone as I type. Oops haha!

Anyway, I will probably be trying out the Ilyoon Ceramide ATO Concentrate Cream first since my favorite moisturizer has been laid to rest this morning. I’ve mentioned plenty of times before that if you are into anti-aging, Ceramide should come to mind immediately by now. Ceramide basically holds the cells together that form a protective layer that makes the skin plump and retains its moisture. It also shields the skin against pollutants and bacteria.

I’m sure my anti-aging skin care routine will warmly welcome this product since I’m loving Ceramide lately. I’ve heard it is great for oily skin too so we’re hitting two birds with one stone! I’ll let you know what I think about this soon! Love you all!

Lastly, all these are available at RRKorean Shop’s online pages:


Much Love,

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  1. Ayel Requias

    Yung ang damiiiiii! Huhu super happy for you and i’m excited for myself! Hahaha

    • Anne Basilan

      I’m excited for you too!!! HAHAHAHA mwaaaaaaaa


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