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Recell Me Nature-A-Free Mask Review

September 25, 2020

Brief Brand History:
Recellme is a cruelty-free cosmeceutical company hailing from Korea and their products largely concentrates on the senstive, acne-prone skin market.

✡️ soothes and moisturizes dry and tired skin
✡️ made with natural ingredients
✡️ effectively hydrates after application
✡️ leaves skin bright and radiant

▶️ After cleansing, apply sheet mask onto the entire face
▶️ remove the sheet mask after 15-20 minutes and gently tap to absorb the remaining essence


First off, let me say that I’m not a sheet mask fan. I have a few within my stash but I’m rather lazy and impatient so I usually skip this part. Also, the sheet masks I previously used had always left me feeling gooey, which annoys me.But read on how this product changed my perspective about sheet masks: .

☑️ The amount of the essence in the packet, I should say, is perfect. Not little, not a lot, just rightfully drenching the mask.
☑️ The mask was not dripping when I took it out of the packet, which is a first. My previous masks were always making a puddle on the floor whenever I took them out of the containers (which annoys me more). Having said this, the mask is still perfectly saturated with the essence.
☑️ It was very easy to apply. I was very much used to intricately folded masks that I end up tearing some parts. (Sorry, I’m impatient like that). But good thing for this one as unfolding it was pretty straightforward. Stretch it out then BAM! splat right onto your face- kind of easy lol.

☑️ Adherence was AWESOME. I was lurking around the house, going up and down the stairs with the mask on and it didn’t budge at all. Another plus for this irritable old lady. I mostly stay lying down whenever I mask because it slides down frequently.
☑️ Best part is the last. Taking the mask off is my least favorite part because of the few minutes of tackiness. But Lo and behold! My face was damp with essence but there was absolutely no stickiness whatsoever. There was enough moisture still to spread onto my neck to my shoulders.

You can purchase the Recell Me Nature-A-Free Mask from the brand’s Shopee page here. It is currently sold at Php 530.00 for 10 pieces per pack.

*PR/Gifted by brand but all thoughts are my own*

Much Love,

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