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Real Barrier Extreme Moisture Line Review

February 2, 2020

Hello dry and sensitive skin people! Today’s post is for you. I was recently chosen by to review Real Barrier’s Extreme Moisture Kit for their “Try Me, Review Me” Segment. Generally, this new line is best for dry and sensitive skin but at the same time, perfect for oily and dehydrated skin. The latter are my skin issues and I was excited to try the line especially when they generously sent the reviewers five full-sized products plus two cute freebies!

Real Barrier Cleansing Oil Balm
Real Barrier Extreme Essence Toner
Real Barrier Extreme Cream Ampoule
Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam
Real Barrier Extreme Cream
A huge coin bank and a cute glass :3


  • HYALURONIC ACID – alleviates dry skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and speeds up wound healing.
  • CERAMIDES – lipids that help form the skin’s barrier and help retain moisture. It also helps the skin protect against environmental aggressors like irritants, and pollution.
  • PANTHENOL – improves hydration, reduces itching and inflammation of the skin and accelerates and improves healing of epidermal wounds.
  • BETA-GLUCAN – It has some antioxidant properties and is a skin-soothing agent.
  • MADECASSOSIDE – an active ingredient that has an anti-redness & anti-scaling effect.
  • ALLANTOIN – helps heal the skin and stimulates the growth of new tissue


  • CITRUS OIL – too much acidity and can cause irritations.
  • LAVENDER OIL – a skin allergen even in super diluted form.


Real Barrier Cleansing Oil Balm – It was my first time to use this kind of makeup remover and was honestly sort of hesitant since I’m more into cleansing waters. I used this to remove my makeup and I was surprised how effortlessly it cleansed my face. There was no tacky feeling after rinsing the balm off. I would use it again and again.

Real Barrier Extreme Cream Ampoule – this comes in a dropper and is a very viscous, White fluid. I thought it would take time before it sets since it’s quite thick. It didn’t take long before it did and was pleasantly surprised that it sets into a velvety finish.

Real Barrier Extreme Essence Toner – The texture is viscous that it was almost similar to the texture of the ampoule. Good thing that it was already a combination of toner and essence. I love me multi-tasking products! Very moisturizing without the tackiness.

Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam – appears to be a gel-cream type facial wash that doesn’t foam up quite well, which I like by the way. It left my skin very moisturized and refreshed.

Real Barrier Extreme Cream – This one is probably my instant favorite. The cream was so thick and compact that it reminds me of a frozen yogurt. There was also a cooling effect upon application that soothed my tired skin right away.

RATING: 4/5. I love all the products because of their hydrating properties. However, if your skin is oily and/or dehydrated, it is not advisable to use this during the day as it will make you greasy. Unless you have dry skin. Otherwise, this is best to be used only at night. Also, I woke up with a white bump in my nose area. I’m not too sure which one of the products caused that bump but I’m certain it’s one of these.

REPURCHASE? Not in the near future. Living in a tropical country, I might not be reaching out for these often especially that summer is set to start soon. But if you’re living somewhere cold or that has winter, this will be perfect for you.

Much Love,

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