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PURITO Dermide Cica Barrier Sleeping Pack Review

January 31, 2020

PR/Gifted by brand but all thoughts are my own.

We are back with another anti-aging product that is a staple in my current skin care routine. It is a sleeping pack, that one step that I normally skip since I was very much contented with my then moisturizer. But now, I am rather obsessed with sleeping packs upon seeing the results myself. Let me be straight to the point, this product in review is a must-buy! Read on.


PURITO is one of South Korea’s best loved skin care brands. The Brand name comes from the combination of the words “Purify” and “To” (comes from a Chinese character, 土 meaning “Soil”). “Purify” implies their use of natural ingredients to formulate clean and safe products and “To” which means to go back to basics in strengthening and repairing damaged skin barriers. The best part of this, aside from largely promoting the use of EWG green ingredients, is being a cruelty-free brand.

PRODUCT: PURITO Dermide Cica Barrier Sleeping Pack


It is a lightweight and 100% vegan sleeping pack that offers deep rest to irritated skin caused by pollution, sun damage and other harmful matters.


$19.50 at                        

$17.96 at

$19.85 on sale at $16.87 at





  • It is convenient to use due to its non-sticky and light gel-cream texture.
  • It strengthens the skin barrier due to the substances that are similar to the skin.
  • It takes care of inner dryness
  • It is a healthy skin care product with safe ingredients and no essential oils.


Apply an appropriate amount of the product onto your face and neck every night, during the last part of your skin care routine. Let it fully absorb and do not wash it off overnight. Apply 2 to 3 layers during particularly sensitive and drier days for extra moisturization.


Initially, the cream may seem thick after you squeezed the product out of the tube but it is rather lightweight and is easily absorbed into the skin. It also has a cooling effect somehow that instantly calms down my everyday redness. Not only did it reduce my redness, it also dried up my breakouts and noticed that I very rarely have pimples ever since I included this in my skin care routine. It likewise kept my skin hydrated overnight without greasiness the following morning. I particularly love that this product is 100% vegan so it’s safe to use especially for Trying-to-conceive women like me.

RATING: 5/5.If you are into anti-aging products or problematic with oily skin, this one is for you. It contains powerhouse ingredients focused on hydration, strengthening of the skin barrier and reduction of excess oil (in my case).

REPURCHASE: DEFINITELY. I am head over heels in love with it!

Much Love,

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