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PINCTADA SOUTH SEA PEARL SOAP ; Most Effective Whitening Soap in PH?

December 19, 2019

I have already used dozens of skin whitening soaps before and I’m still exploring more. From Papaya to Kojic acids to Glutathione soaps, trust me, I’ve tried all sorts of items to lighten my skin. But of course I can’t claim that I’m an expert, I’ll just share with you the ones I find effective. A few weeks back, I was kindly gifted with three pieces of the Pinctada South Sea Pearl Soap in exchange of an honest review. Read on to know my thoughts about this up and coming luxurious homegrown Brand.

Pinctada offers handcrafted soaps made with real South Sea Pearl powder from Palawan Pearl farms. This helps your skin by stimulating its fibroblast cells, which work to synthesize collagen. The effect? Skin that’s cleansed, healed, and rejuvenated. With at least 30 trace minerals, including calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, silica, and selenium, it’s no wonder that pearl powder is much used in skincare and beauty products. If you wish to achieve a complexion that’s healthy, more youthful, and glowing, look no further than Pinctada—it’s the only soap in the world that uses authentic South Sea Pearl Powder.

WHAT IT IS: A Halal certified handcrafted soap made with real South Sea pearl powder from Palawan Pearl farms.

elegant packaging of Pinctada South Sea Pearl Soaps

INGREDIENTS: Virgin Coconut Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Sodium Hydroxide Solution, South Sea Pearl Powder, Titanium Oxide, Mineral Mica, Fragrance

VOLUME: 100g

PRICE: PHP 325.00 (approximately 7 USD)


  • Stimulates skin’s fibroblast cells. These cells are responsible for synthesizing collagen.
  • Cleans, heals and rejuvenates skin
  • Contains at least 30 trace minerals including calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, silica, and selenium; helps you achieve a healthy, more youthful, and glowing complexion
Pinctada’s informative display at the back of the packaging.

Use as face and body cleanser. Massage soap onto the skin and leave on for 30 seconds to a full minute before rinsing.

My facial skin is not too sensitive to soaps so I use this as my second face cleanser, but I use a different soap for the body. I have been using this consistently for both AM and PM routines for about three weeks.

Batch number, manufacturing date and expiry date all printed in the packaging.


  • The soap is housed in a biodegradable wrapping, which is great plus it’s also very aesthetic.
  • The manufacturing and expiry dates are indicated in the packaging.
  • I love the subtle scent of the soap. While it does contain fragrance, it’s quite mild and the scent itself is soothing, reminds me of a gentle sea breeze.
  • The soap does not easily melt which is another plus. I forgot to return it to its own soap dish after using but there were no signs of melting whatsoever the following day.
  • There is an immediate skin brightening effect right after rinsing which also does not fade.
  • It dried up my active pimples but wasn’t drying to the skin. It remained hydrated, thanks to VCO and Rose Hip Oil.
Beautifully engraved logo of the brand in their equally beautiful handcrafted soap.


  • Price. From the packaging to the soap itself plus its amazing effects, I can say the price is just right. However, most consumers would most probably deem it expensive and might prefer a much cheaper skin lightening soap.

RATING: 9/10. I am honestly in love with this soap primarily because of the instant brightening which I believe is a long-term effect. I love the fact that it can dry up active zits while sustaining the skin’s moisture. I’d love to see if it can lighten up my old spots in the long run and if it would, I’ll update this post to show the progress. Just a point less because of the price but if you have the resources to binge on these items, I encourage you by all means.

REPURCHASE: I will repurchase in the future. In the meantime, I still have two full bars to use.

What was left of my first bar. Love it!

Pinctada South Sea Pearl Soaps can be purchased from Beauty MNL. You may also visit their social media accounts for further details. I have linked their accounts below for your reference:

Instagram: @southseapearlsoap
Beauty MNL:

Much Love,

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