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NOTS KOREA Aqua Brightening Peeling Gel Review

June 8, 2020


PRICE: PHP 810.00 but currently on sale at PHP 623.00 from Lipstick Pls Shopee store


– Gently exfoliates dead surface cells
– Helps create a silky smooth complexion
– Contains 0.05% Allantoin
– Contains Broccoli extract, Cranberry Fruit extract, Milk Protein extract, Willow Bark extract, Papaya fruit extract and a ton of other brightening ingredients


This is my current exfoliator and I use this about two to three times per week, depending on the condition of my skin. I apply pea sized amounts on both cheeks, and half that size on my forehead and chin. I apply this right after cleansing and before toning.

It’s been a while since I last used a physical exfoliator ever since I was introduced to chemical exfoliants. I must admit I missed the feeling of scrubbing my face off with dead skin cells. Starting with the packaging, the product is housed in a visually-pleasing Sky Blue squeezable tube with a snap-on cap.

The product color is cloudy white, translucent and lightweight. Before applying this, I make sure that my face is almost dry or just a little bit damp. I tried using it without drying my face off and I didn’t get the results I wanted. But of course, it’s all up to you, whatever works best for your skin.

I leave the product on for a full minute before massaging it gently on my face. Remember to rub really gently lest you want to develop those wrinkles! Upon massaging, you will immediately see those balls of dead skin scraped off your skin which was really satisfying to watch everytime. The smoothness of my skin after rinsing was so incredible, I’m almost getting addicted to this!

RATING: 4/5. I simply love the results it has on my face. It really does smoothen the texture of my skin, plus it’s non-drying and also contains several brightening ingredients that help fade dark spots. On that aspect, I can say that it helped lightened some pimple marks. I will need to religiously use this and probably get back here in case of drastic improvements.

On a different note, while I commend the effects, it’s a little expensive for me and I will not be able to afford it anytime soon.

REPURCHASE? I still have a lot of the product. Once I’ve consumed everything, I’ll see if I could afford it by then.

*PR/Gifted but love is real*

Much Love,

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