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Neulii AC Clean Saver Cream is your Latest Must Have!

January 21, 2020

Disclaimer: Product was gifted by brand but all opinions are entirely my own.

Let’s review the Neulii AC Clean Saver Line this time! I love the Toner since it’s great for my sensitive skin and how it lightens my acne marks and dark spots, which makes it another great anti-aging product. Oh wait, I’ve said that a gazillion times before. Let’s see how the cream works now, read on!

WHAT IT IS: Neulii’s latest whitening cream with healing properties, making it best for acne marks , dark spots and sensitive skin. It contains hydrating ingredients as well so if you’re into anti-aging, have a look at this too.

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Ingredients best for oily skin, acne marks, dark spots and great for anti-aging as well


First off, let me call this a whitening cream now, because it literally lightened up my facial complexion which is good since my face is darker than my neck. I was worried since the essential oils were listed high up in the ingredients list. Having oily skin makes me acne-prone and so, I have several acne marks and dark spots mostly on my cheeks and chin. I’m also on the sensitive skin side so I’m scared to try anything new. What more if a product contains essential oils? But I have friends, who have the same sensitive skin as me, who are raving about the brand being always effective in fading acne marks, dark spots as well as being mild enough for sensitive skin. This gave me hope and courage to try it out.

I tried the cream on my neck to serve as a patch test. I also had a huge pimple that time. In two days, I noticed the pimple dried up which served as my go signal to use the product on my face. First thing I noticed was the scent which mildly smelled of orange blossoms. It has a cloudy white color with gel-like texture; you’ll know it’s lightweight right away. It sets off with a velvety finish too.

The next day, my face looked bright and dewy, which I loved. A couple more days before I noticed that my latest acne marks and some old dark spots began to lighten up. Have you also looked at the notable ingredients? This contain superb anti-aging ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Betaine and Beta-Glucan. What more can you ask for?

At the moment, it’s a staple in my routine. I love me some multi-use products and this is the perfect example since it’s anti-aging, great for fading acne marks and dark spots, perfect for my sensitive skin as well as keeping my oily skin well behaved too.

Niacinamide is high up in the IL of this whitening cream!

RATING: 10/10. I’m seriously focusing on fading my acne marks and dark spots first so I’m into anything brightening but at the same time, tolerable for sensitive skin. Even if this has essential oils, it is still very gentle plus, it whitens! Most whitening cream are harsh and causes peeling but not this. It’s safe and effective. Love it!

REPURCHASE? YES. I highly recommend this if you have acne marks, dark spots, have oily and sensitive skin. This is great even for dry skin because of the hydrating ingredients. If you are into whitening cream s, get this one too.

Much Love,

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