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KOCOSTAR Sheet Masks Review

March 11, 2020

I was recently chosen by the Brand KOCOSTAR to try and review their mask sheets and I was on Cloud Nine when I received their Gift Box a couple of weeks back! Aside from the box being aesthetic in itself, I was stunned with the number of masks they gifted me with and true to their claims, KOCOSTAR is undoubtedly the Mask Expert from Head to Toe! They sent over a ton of masks, from eye patches, to lip masks, mask sheets, pimple patches, hand and foot masks and a lot more!

To give you a brief background about the brand, KOCOSTAR is a Korean professional mask pack brand that creates unique products for hair, face, hands, and feet. With patented, innovative designs and formulations, KOCOSTAR has won several awards including 2016 Good Design Award Korea, 2018 Beauty ID Awards Las Vegas, 2018 City Awards Las Vegas, and 2018 City Awards Korea. The brand’s concept sheet masks are easy to use, fun, and trendy, and have been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and People Magazine. If you love masking, pick KOCOSTAR ‘s IG-worthy masks for fun with friends and family. (Obtained from

KOCOSTAR Tropical Eye Patch Mango  (1 Pair)

One of the products I received from the KOCOSTAR gift box is this extremely adorable hydrogel eye patch in a very luxurious Golden color. True to its name Tropical and in Mango variant, aesthetically speaking, it radiates a fresh and fun summer vibe and gentle fragrance that’s perfect for our current sweaty situation here in Manila!

The patch is made of this very soft and delicate hydrogel material which, surprisingly, contains natural Mango extracts that give off its color and scent. The material makes it easy for the patch to adhere to the crevices of my eye areas. But what I truly love about this is the immediate cooling and soothing sensation I felt as soon as the material embraced my skin. Apart from that, it was very hydrating as well that my skin around the eyes looked instantly healthy and brighter when I took the patches off after 20 minutes! Must also be the miracles of antioxidants working on the rejuvenation process!

RATING:  5/5. It’s a perfect 5! From being a complete visual to a miracle worker, my semi-panda eye area has been rejuvenated and hydrated, thanks to this pair of beauties that gets the job done in no time. There’s also a brightening effect, apart from its hydrating benefits because of Niacinamide. If you’re looking for an eye care product for your fatigued-looking eyes, this is the product for you!

KOCOSTAR Tulip Mask Sheet

Another sweet and sophisticated mask sheet included in my box is this Tulip Mask sheet, dubbed as “the most romantic mask sheet ever”. What a claim! But true enough, just the packaging alone made me want to try it right away. The packet is in this semi clear and Purple color, letting you a peek of the mask inside which is also in the color Purple. You can already see the adequate amount of essence where the sheets are soaked into.

Upon tearing the packet open, a sweet, floral aroma emanates from the inside. It’s nothing too overpowering, just enough to freshen up a sweaty afternoon. Taking the product out of the packet, I was pleasantly surprised that the sheets were cut out in small, circular pieces in the shape of petals. I’ve always known KOCOSTAR offers the most adorable and enjoyable sheet masks but seeing it for myself made it all the more fun to use! Check out my photos below to know I’ve used them up.

RATING: 5/5. I let the sheets sit on my face for about 15 minutes and the hydrating effect was astounding! No joke. It was as though I have this glass skin glow I’ve always dreamed of. Now I also realized that I prefer sheet masks like this since it’s more easy to use and very convenient as well. I didn’t have problems about the mask not being fit nor sliding down my face. Even if the sheets didn’t cover the entirety of my face, I can always make use of the essence inside the packet to apply on those uncovered areas. I just made sure to place the sheets on the spots that I think needs the most hydration.

You may visit KOCOSTAR ‘s Instagram page at this link and you may also purchase from their massive roster of products, all forms of masks that you can imagine from your head down to your feet, at their Beauty MNL store through by clicking on this link. If you’re not fond of shopping online, fret not because you can now purchase KOCOSTAR products by visiting SM Department Stores near you! Thank you again KOCOSTAR!

*PR/Gifted but all thoughts are my own*

Much Love,

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