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Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil LUXE Review

October 9, 2020

Before I discovered the wonders of makeup remover balms, I used oils to remove makeup. The very first makeup remover oil that I tried was from a local brand called Human Heart Nature. It was their Sunflower Beauty Oil which was hyped by many local beauty bloggers. However, it wasn’t love at first use. My oily skin found it to be too greasy and it smelled like cooking oil. It’s not my intention to be offensive, but really, it smelled like that. But I feel happy for those that had this product worked well for them. In my case, I really didn’t notice any improvement on my skin, especially that I used the product to its last drop.

Anyway, when they released the much newer Sunflower Beauty Oil Luxe, I had to try again. Apart from it being formulated with rosehip oil this time, the packaging was so much prettier too and as the name goes, it really did feel luxe.

As you can see, I’ve emptied it. First of all, it smells quite pleasant, aromatic even. Based on their website, the sole ingredients of this are Helianthus annuus (sunflower) hybrid oil, Rosa centifolia (rose) flower oil. It didn’t have any fragrance so I’m tremendously surprised how it came to smell so lovely.

It claims to be formulated with more vitamin E than the “miraculous” Argan oil and twice as much oleic acid which is known to be highly moisturizing. This oil claims to penetrate the skin quickly, and it seals in an ample amount of hydration and nourishment, while the master antioxidant Vitamin E helps in reducing the appearance of skin damage as well.

So personally, I used this one to remove makeup, or plainly as a moisturizer at night, when my skin feels extra dry. And I wake up to a very healthy, plump, and hydrated skin.

This one contains 50 ML of product and retails for Php 300.00 from, however, it is currently out of stock so may try our from Shopee stores!

*Purchased by my own money*.

Much Love,

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