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Happy Birthday SB19 STELL!

June 17, 2020

As stated from the title, this is not a skincare-related post because this is particularly dedicated to my ultimate bias in popular P-Pop Boy group SB19’s Heavenly Voice Stellvester Ajero!

I’ve written about the group a few months back, and that was when I was just starting to be active on Twitter where they mostly interact with the fans. In case you haven’t read that post, click here! Don’t worry, it’s just a harmless chronicle of how I started fan-girling over SB19.

So anyway, yesterday was actually SB19 Stell’s birthday and for some reason, my post was not published and I freaked out when I found that out. Of all the days to happen! So I guess this is now a belated birthday post. I greeted him anyway on all his social media accounts lol.

Below are some of my favorite photos of him that are scattered all over Twitter, thanks and credits to all the fansites who captured them beautifully. Thank you for your hard work!

Stell and SB19 in Jeju Island.
SB19 Stell at the Samsung event in BGC.
I’m not too sure but I think this was SB19 live at ASAP?
SB19 at a Korean Travel Expo event held at MOA.
SB19 STELL during one of his Facebook Mention Parties, or was this on Twitter? Sorry for my bad memory!
If I remember correctly, this was for their Netflix clip.
SB19 at their Imus concert.
SB19 at Wish Bus!
SB19 at Tonight with Arnold Clavio!
Okay, I couldn’t figure out where this one was taken, sorry!

Again, happiest 25th birthday to my bias! From the day I saw your Go Up Dance Practice video, it had been you. You’re one of the most talented and kind-hearted persons ever. I can tell from the way you speak your heart out, it screams humility from head to toe and I’m proud to say that I’ll be a Stell-berry until the end! I hope your stay grounded for the rest of your life and A’TIN will always have your back, until the time you reach your dreams.

Soar high Heavenly Voice!

Much Love,

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