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GRATITUDE POST: Pinctada South Sea Pearl Soap

November 22, 2019

I would like to thank Pinctada South Sea Pearl Soap for allowing me to review their much-hyped product. The owner was very kind and generous to send me three pieces of their soaps and I am quite ecstatic to use it, having read and heard a ton of positive feedback! 

A bit of information about this up and coming local brand, they formulate handcrafted soaps made with real South Sea Pearl Powder from Palawan Pearl Farms! Doesn’t it sound so exquisite right off the bat? They claim that this star ingredient helps your skin by stimulating its fibrolast cells which work to synthesize collagen. This results to cleansed, healed and rejuvenated skin! No wonder they boast of perfect 5-star ratings in Beauty MNL!

I can’t wait to try it and be sure to watch out for my in depth review after a couple of weeks! Check their stores out through these social networking sites below and give them a follow:

Much Love,

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