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G R A T I T U D E P O S T: Thank You Farmer and Mizumi PH

October 23, 2019

“Let the Blue sky meet the Blue sea and all is Blue for a time” 
– Moncy Barbour

Once I undo this feeble piece of fabric fastening the cardboard box and its lid, there was no turning back. And then I did. There were paper trimmings underneath some more cardboard. My ecstatic fingers scoured through the sea of trimmings and ultimately felt the tip of the glass bottle’s cap. I dug it out and it was there, glaring back into my fascinated eyes. It was the color of a mirthful sky. It spoke to me, then commanded me to breathe. I did as I was told and through my parched mouth, it smelt of ice, mint and water. 

The scent made me remember my High School teacher who questioned me: “How would you describe the color Blue to a blind person?”. I had no refute then and believed I was being outwitted. Yet as I stared into the Blue-ness incarcerated within this glass bottle, it made me shut my eyes and for a fleeting moment, I knew I was that blind person. 

I wheezed in the cold, morning drizzle. 

I heard the gentle pulsating falls from a nearby hill. 

I felt the sweat of the clouds, falling from the skies one by one, pursuing each other until their tears reached the ocean. 

It was serene, crisp, sweet and chaste to the mouth, to the skin. I opened my eyes once more, and that was the color Blue.

I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation to @thankyoufarmerph and @mizumi_ph for these wonderful gifts:

Do you realize how delightful these are to look at? I’m absolutely mesmerized that it made me poetic again lol. I am beyond thrilled to use the serum tonight and will share my thoughts on this after a couple of weeks. On the other hand, the Mizumi sunscreen is already sitting on my face. First thoughts about it? 


✔️definitely un-tacky

✔️has a bit of tone-up which I truly love. 

In essence, this is truly love at first sight. Nevertheless, please do anticipate my extensive reviews on both of these fabulous items. I pray you have a great day ahead! 

Much Love 💙,

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  1. skintaschic

    So poetic! I love how you transported me from my office to your mind.


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