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Friday Fave NEOGENCE Arbutin Brightening Mask

June 19, 2020

PRODUCT NAME: NEOGENCE Arbutin Brightening Mask

-Reduces dark spots
-Lightens the skin
-Brightens & evens skintone

Price: N/A. A friend bought this from Taiwan.

I’m a huge fan of sheet masks. I used to wear sheet masks about 4 times a week or whenever I have extra time because come on! You do need 15-20 minutes for this! But when I did realize how much my skin benefits from these, I opted to wear them every single night. Especially those with brightening effects such as arbutin or vitamin C as I need them badly for fading my dark spots.

They also make up for a great on-the-go moisturizer. In my case, when I was still working in an office, I used to wake up late usually and forgets to moisturize sometimes. So I made sure that I had this trusty box of sheet masks in the office, simply splatted it onto my dehydrated self and that’s it! Hello to instant dewy skin :).


Much Love,

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