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Elizavecca Galactomyces Pure Ample Review

June 22, 2020

It’s been years ago since I’ve first learned about Galactomyces. That was when I was still a newbie in Korean skincare and also the first time I’ve heard of “treatment essence”. That time, Galactomyces was the most-raved essence from Manyo Factory if I rmember correctly.

Since then, I’ve found myself on a quest to get a hold of a Galactomyces product that would suit my skin although I’ve never really been successful. So when Elizavecca reached out to me the second time and asked me which product of their I’d love to try, I didn’t hesitate anymore and chose their Hell Pore Galactomyces Pure Ample.

After using this for three weeks, I’m now ready to share my thoughts. Read on!

PRODUCT NAME: Elizavecca Witch Piggy Hell-Pore Galactomyces Pure Ample

$9.56 from
$9.78 from
$13.40 from
$30 (approximately) from Elizavecca website


Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate 100%

– A moisturizing ampoule formulated with galactomyces ferment filtrate to purify skin and enhance elasticity

– Helps remove dead skin cells and refine skin texture, leaving it soft and supple

– Watery texture helps skin quickly and thoroughly absorb moisture without a greasy or sticky feeling

– After cleansing, prep skin with toner.

– Apply 2-3 drops and massage evenly over face. Pat gently to encourage better absorption.


Honestly, I’ve been biased towards essences ever since I tried Elizavecca’s Centella Asiatica Essence. You all know how much I loved it and how sad I was when I ran out of it since it’s so difficult to get one, plus I’m broke af.

But that changed when I got to use this Galactomyces ample. I know, this is not an essence but the texture and weightlessness of this makes it feel like an essence so I’m sharing my opinions based on that.

I’m loving it so far to be honest. I like how lightweight this is, just like the Centella essence. It looks and feels just like water if not for its very mild ferment scent.

It’s very moisturizing and makes it feel plump plus I love the glow it gives me especially when I wake the next morning.

I believe it somehow helped to reduce my breakouts too as well as my excessive oiliness.

RATING: 5/5. It lives up to its claims which is primarily to moisturize and hydrate the skin. My skin feels exactly like that and of course, the noticeable reduction of the oiliness in my T-zone is a huge plus.

My skin feels so soft and smoot like I had a physical scrub. It also helped my skin glow despite my lack of sleep lately.

REPURCHASE? YES. I am in love with this product!

*PR/Gifted but all thoughts are my own*

Much Love,

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  1. Tracy

    Adding this on my wishlist. I picked the Centella essence, can’t wait to try it.


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