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DR & CO Global Silky Sun Milk and Why It’s the Best Sunscreen in the Market

February 25, 2020

Please don’t get fed up with my sunscreen reviews because here’s another one! This is the other half of my latest favorite duo from Dr & Co Global, the Silky Sun Milk, which was generously gifted to us by Lipstickplz Marketing during the Skinfluencers PH Meet Up last month. If you can’t tell yet, I’m a hoarder of sunscreens. My penchant with sunscreens started back in 2015 when I my face got burnt to a crisp during an island hopping activity in Caramoan Islands, Philippines. It was absolutely traumatizing that I never left the house again without piling sunscreen on every now and then. Lesson learned the hard way, yes? Anyway, read on and find out WHY this sunscreen claims to be the best among rest in today’s market.

Dr. & Co. was born to offer a skin concept to lower stress and to give comfort to our skin. Their primary goal is to minimize skin stress by creating products that contain only the essential ingredients and at its minimum in order to provide safety and comfort to people’s fatigued skin and mind.

A physical sunscreen that offers four times more protection than any other sunscreen in the market, with its SPF 50 PA++++ rating.


PRICE: PHP 406.00 currently on sale for only PHP 121.00 at!


  • Reduces wrinkles caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • Protects your skin with a non-greasy feel
  • Ensures you have total coverage half of the day.
  • Is formulated with SPF 50 and PA++++ which is times four than other sun blocks in the market.


USAGE: Put on the Dr & Co Silky Sun Milk on your skin 20-30 minutes before heading out.


The product is sheltered in a smooth, matte and all white squeeze tube that looks crisp and clean. I’m starting to like products whose packaging look humble yet tasteful at the same time, comes with age probably. I like that it’s also skinny, just like its partner BB cream that I’ve previously reviewed. I seldom travel, but when I do, I tend to bring a whole lot of stuff with me and it goes without saying that I need the handy ones along. This sunscreen is perfect for those skimpy travel kits.

With regard to the product, it sort of smells like body lotion, nothing too overwhelming, just right. It’s also very lightweight, almost runny, which is why it is easily absorbed by the skin and dries to an almost matte finish. That’s another plus point for the product since most of the sunscreens I’ve tried leaves a bit of stickiness. And in case you’re wondering, yes it does leave a white cast. I’m perfectly okay with it though.

Last thought but not the least, it’s formulated with SPF 50 and PA++++, which is said to be four times more than the sunscreens available in the market. I’m sharing a little trivia here to elaborate on those “+” signs. “PA” means Protection Grade of UVA rays and is used to measure the protection of sunscreens. The Protection Grade of Sunscreen is levelled as PA+, PA++, PA++++ and so on. The more plus signs, the more protection from UVA Rays. And it’s quite impressive that this one has PA++++, it therefore offers more protection compared to Western sunscreen products, so you’ll feel safe under the sun for a longer period of time.

RATING: 10/10. I can’t recall if I already mentioned this but if there’s one skin care product I can never live without, that would be sunscreen, the more protection, the better. So it’s already understood since this Silky Sun Milk contains that PA++++ which is probably its best feature. I almost frowned at the sight of the price which is Php 406.00 for only 30ML of product but weighing the protection and its benefits against its price, I’ll still choose the former over an empty wallet.

REPURCHASE: YES, especially now that it’s on super sale at shopee. It currently retails for only Php 121.00 so if I were you, I’d be hoarding!

*PR/Gifted but all thoughts are my own*

Much Love,

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  1. Ayel

    This sunscreen is imo underrated. It really work and has been with me all the time since I got this. Makes your skin look dewy 😍


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