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A Bonne Spa White C Salt Quick Review

October 30, 2020

You all know how much I love brightening products and one of them was from a brand called Abonne which is very accessible in our local drugstores. Their products are mostly of bath salts that claim to whiten, some are infused with milk and some are infused with other skin lightening ingredients like vitamin c and papaya. I’ve very much loved their A Bonne Spa Milk Salt back then, which really helped in making my skin soft and smooth plus it really did lighten some dark spots on my body.

This time, I went to the drugstore last weekend and thought I’d get myself a different variant. I purchased the A Bonne Spa White C Salt which was housed in their signature pack with a twist cap and it’s in a vibrant tangerine color which I really liked.

However, what I noticed about the product itself was the huge granules of salt which were rough and sort of painful when you rubbed it directly on your skin. I tried to moisten the product first and it melted a bit, before finally lathering it onto my body. So it worked that way. However, I still preferred the Spa Milk Salt because the granules were fine and whether you moisten it or not, it didn’t hurt nor feel rough when you applied it. Anyway, I’ll continue using this one and I’ll see how this can improve my skin in the long run.

This one is very cheap, only costs Php 82.00 for 350 grams of product and you can find it at about every Watsons or supermarket near you. So if you’re looking for a whitening bath product to try without breaking the bank, I suggest you go and get this one or try their other variants.

*Purchased by my own money*

Much Love,

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